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Debunking coaching myths: Sports coaches aren’t professionals

Over the last few decades, sports coaches have built an enormous treasure trove of knowledge. Not just with their partners in schools, but with all manner of educational institutions. They have built businesses, become training providers, developed employment opportunities globally, and inspired a world of people towards sport and fitness.

Despite this, one of the most stereotypical images of a sports coach is a track-suited guy, jumping out of the back of a white van with a bag of footballs. But sports coaching is much, much more.

Sports coaching is full of passionate people with years of experience in a variety of sports. More than just football, it has revolutionised the teaching of physical activity. What a person can learn through sports coaching is endless. Whether it’s key mobility skills in adults and children or positive personality traits such as resilience, confidence, and leadership. Sports and fitness can open doors to new careers, healthier lifestyles, and better mobility.

In schools, sports coaches are often more qualified to teach PE and school sport than teachers. Teacher training offers the average teacher around 4 hours of PE training. Most teachers don’t feel confident meeting any curriculum requirements with that level of training. Sports coaches are therefore in a unique position to help children and teachers excel.

Coaches support teachers in school settings, meaning they benefit from learning the methods, techniques, and games necessary for children to get the best out of their curriculum. Since movement is one of the fundamental ways children first learn to interact with their environments, sports coaching provides a pathway to learning anything from academic to interpersonal skills.

With an array of courses, in a variety of sporting disciplines, sports coaches are not only qualified, but they often have many years of experience in their chosen sport. First Step Training can begin your career and develop it with our wide range of courses. As industry-led qualifications, their focus is on physical skills as well as educational guidance. Put simply, you will learn the delivery and the method of teaching sport to children.

Sports coaches have developed over the last three decades to become an established pillar of the health and education system. This progression has built a generation of focused professional men and women.

We are proud to continue to develop sports coaches at every stage of their careers, so their professionalism, skill, and high standards are something you can always count on.

Contact the First Step Training team to begin your journey with us.

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