Why Ballers is the Secret Ingredient to your child’s training schedule

Keeping children active can help children at every point of their development. Sport is multi-faceted too – it has a myriad of benefits, from transferable skills gained through discipline to practising concepts such as subtraction and the recognition of angles. You can think of sport as just a government guideline for activity or a unique way to teach children excellent life skills.

If your child is on a team, then you’ve won half the battle. The earlier children engage in sport, the more likely they are to keep doing so into adulthood. However, intense levels of exercise training in teams can turn what used to be a passion into a chore. And at any age, kids need lots of new challenges, which is where Ballers comes in!


Exposure to new activities & people

Playing football with a team can build team camaraderie. But for young minds and bodies, exploring their skills around all manner of kids at varying ages can only add to their skill level. Variation prevents stagnation, so an extra dose of social and physical opportunities is perfect for maintaining their attention.

Our games test and improve children’s technical skills, helping them break down those component features with games and activities. They can test themselves against the clock with keepy-ups and toe taps and against other children. Better still, working with others is great practice for school and their later lives.


Learning on the pitch to help at school

Ballers sessions embrace learning through football. We’ve put together an array of games and activities that test their basic addition skills, ability to recognise and perform angles with their body and name the body parts that have contact with the ball.

Kids remember physical skills. Even if it’s using their hands to tell the difference between the right and the left, physical skills can help them remember better. Our games improve their coordination and ball control by getting them to visualise their targets. What shapes are they making? What body parts can they recognise? Can they beat their keepy-ups record? Ballers is a great addition to fine tune these skills!

Look at Emma Raducanu. Before she specialised in Tennis, she spoke positively about how she was introduced to so many different sporting environments. That was her secret ingredient.

Make Ballers your secret ingredient today!

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