Haxey Primary School

Praise from Haxey Primary School as PE partnership continues to thrive

“We partnered with First Step PE to bring in a wider variety of games for our school pupils and improve their skills. It was important that we found an organisation who were tighter on teacher assessment to ensure the standard of PE delivery was maintained at the highest level it could be.”

Liz McKay – School Senior Leader


The School

Haxey Primary School has now been a partner of First Step PE for 2-3 years. The school is in a small village and has 157 pupils. Throughout our time working here, our team have primarily worked with Key Stage 2 (Year 3-6) and are still currently doing so.

Although they are located further away than most of our usual partners, the relationship with the school is exceptional, and they continue to be a pleasure to deal with. Despite being a small school, they have great facilities for us to use when delivering PE. A great field and playground provide lots of space for outdoor activities, and the children can certainly use this to have a good run around in between lessons!


The Challenge

Having received the government Sports Premium Funding, Haxey were keen to provide a wider variety of games and skills for their pupils. First Step Sports provided this. Additionally, it was important that assessment of the pupils achievements was provided. This meant that they could ensure a high level of quality was always kept within the PE delivery at the school.


The Solution

Taking into consideration the needs of the school, we were able to help Haxey take their PE standards to the next level. This was done by sending over some of our brilliant coaches, including Leah, Jonathan, and Jodie. School teacher Mrs McKay mentioned that the children are getting incredible enjoyment out of each session and are feeling very physically active as a result – and we all know, healthy pupils are happy pupils.

This term we are teaching two days a week, with the sports ranging from dodgeball to invasion games. We aim to give the children as many opportunities as we can to try different activities. By rotating our programme regularly, this gives the pupils the experience to try new things, and hopefully find what they are strong at.


The Result

We take great pride in being able to offer Haxey Primary School a service they can be confident with. Our PE delivery gives the school staff reassurance that their children are getting the most out of every session and they can return to their other lessons feeling energised and focused. The school was happy with the fact that we have worked with both Key Stages, and therefore have had the chance to offer something to all pupils during our partnership.

It must also be pointed out that First Step PE’s Manager Laura has been praised for her brilliant communication with the school, and she has always informed staff promptly should any changes or issues arise. Also, we must not forget the children. They are having a blast with our coaches and are now thriving in their PE lessons. They are particularly relishing in the competitions at the end of each unit when they get show off their new skills against each other!

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