Zig-Zag parking campaign

Bellfield Primary School joins Zig-Zag parking campaign

A new initiative designed to discourage parents parking on zig-zag lines has been successfully run at Bellfield Primary School. The Hull primary school enlisted the help of local PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) to support pupils appointed as Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs).

The successful project saw the children patrolling the streets outside the school reminding parents not to park on the lines. Parking, picking up or even setting down with the engine running is illegal on zig-zag lines between 8 am and 4pm. Offenders are liable for a fine whether they are parents, teachers, taxis, or visitors to a school.

Ignoring zig-zag line rules can be dangerous for children travelling to and from school. Increased congestion in those areas can result in air pollution and unsafe pavements for pedestrians. To ensure the rules were followed, Bellfield children monitored traffic and safely instructed cars to a more suitable place to park.

Unobstructed entrances, exits and crossings can help children engage in active travel in safer environments, thereby alleviating some of the worries about engaging in this kind of travel.

The campaign was a rousing success for Bellfield and something to be especially proud of!

For more information on how to improve road safety and active travel at your school, get in touch. Contact First Step Cycle and make safe travel a reality at your school.

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