Platinum Modeshift STARS

Hull School reaches Platinum Modeshift STARS success

Active, safe, and sustainable travel is within reach as a nearby Yorkshire primary school has been awarded the Platinum accreditation for its work. Platinum demands at least a 5% increase in sustainable modes of travel over the course of four years. Penshurst Primary School has become one of the first Yorkshire schools to reach the highest level of Modeshift.

Since 2016, Penshurst Primary School has promoted sustainable, active travel within their community of families. The school has worked tirelessly to promote cycling and walking. In the last 5 years, they have reduced car journeys by 15% and increased cycling and walking at a similar rate.

Key to their success was the write-up of effective travel plans year on year, and passionate leadership from the outset. Headteacher Jo Spencer cites the particular importance of leadership that understood the connection between sustainable travel and healthy children.

Councillor Gary McMaster, the portfolio holder for planning, infrastructure, and housing at the council, said:

“Being awarded platinum is true recognition from Modeshift for the fantastic work the school has done. We are extremely proud of what the school has achieved as well as being the first in the East Riding to be awarded this highest level of accreditation.”

First Step Cycle is committed to supporting our partner schools in their own Modeshift success, in our bid to make Hull, the healthiest city in the UK. Our pathway from Green to Bronze and up to Platinum accreditation is designed to offer schools a series of options that will help you build consistency and sustainability into all journeys to and from your school.

Take your first step (or roll) with First Step Cycle.

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