Rugby isn’t just a contact sport with First Step PE

Rugby has far more to offer as a learning opportunity than simply being a contact sport. For many young people, images of men tackling one another aggressively can put them off engaging fully. But Rugby is for all genders and can be used proactively to help build strength, mobility, and teamwork skills.

With First Step PE, we are committed to your school values and your academic goals. Our programmes impress from the outset the importance of working with your peers in small groups and teams. We offer constructive feedback to build their confidence and help them take ownership over the improvement of their skills.

Next, we focus on hand-eye coordination. Most ball sports throw and catch forwards but since Rugby uses a backwards throw, we use games and activities to practice this. Our skills drills are essential to teaching how to throw in a variety of directions. Running drills allow them to explore angles, shapes and straight lines, jumping and dodging to interact or move with the ball.

Like many sports, Rugby has a rich history. We encourage children to practice skills through shorter games and activities in small groups and pairs. We use the sports’ natural capacity toward increased strength and flexibility and channel it into an array of cardio-based activities. Professional players find their feet in the sport, exactly as children do, with practise. So at First Step PE, every child has the power to learn and improve in just the same way.

Best of all, Rugby is safe to play at any age. With our experience coaching children and understanding academic goals, we aim to improve their accuracy and agility whilst recognising and developing your schools core goals.

For a safe and experienced PE partner, you’re in good hands with First Step PE.

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