Modeshift STARS

Our quick path to Modeshift Success

The Modeshift STARS initiative is designed to encourage and reward the steps that schools and other organisations take to promote active journeys and sustainable travel. Working across educational settings, you can build travel plans according to the practical points laid out by The Centre of Excellence for Modeshift. On completion, your school will earn an accreditation.


The Modeshift Initiative in Hull

First Step Cycle is passionate about helping schools meet their goals. For us, Modeshift represents many of the same values we have. It’s a shift in thinking that aims to promote pupils’ activity levels both inside and outside of a school setting.

Active travel statistically helps prepare a child’s brain for a morning of learning. Cycling, scooting and walking all require a heightened attention span that blasts away the cobwebs of sleep. It can also improve air quality around schools by encouraging parents to swap the car for an active journey.


Our journey to accreditation

When you partner with us, it becomes our journey. What we’ve done is put together a clear pathway that you can complete with us to get yourself off the ground and up to Bronze level. We’ll help you plan the sessions and then deliver them, with multiple initiatives to choose from.

To achieve Green:

  1. Complete your STARS application
  2. Set 2 targets you would like the school to achieve
  3. Plan 10 sustainable travel initiatives
  4. Plan 5 supporting initiatives
  5. Plan 2 consultation initiatives
To achieve Bronze:
  1. Deliver everything stated at Green level
  2. Complete a pupil and staff survey


To get started, start at the Modeshift website to register your school.

We believe in action. Shift your thinking with First Step Cycle and let’s get Hull moving! Contact the team to find out more.

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