A look at First Step Training multi-skills coaching qualifications

Multi-skills coaching is essential to improving performance in all types of fundamental movement for sport. Training in this area is designed to solidify the mechanics of movement for a coach and to understand how to teach easily transferable skills. Hand-eye coordination, stamina, agility, and balance which provide for throwing, catching, jumping and quick directional change are the bedrock of all sporting endeavours.

With the aim of offering qualified coaches new multi-sport skills, this qualification will strengthen their knowledge of the basic skills to a range of sports. The Level 2 Award in Multi-skills Development in Sport delivers practical coaching skills through the fundamentals of movement and sport skills. Across three units, coaches will learn to deliver, plan and review through the prism of Sport Specific Skills (SSS) and the Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) frameworks.

The Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Multi-Skills is designed to create a confident activities coach with a wide knowledge of their responsibilities. Developed by UK Coaching, the Certificate includes 12 mandatory tasks designed to connect movement with understanding how it corresponds with sports such as rugby, football, and netball.

For those who successfully pass these courses, they can look forward to engaging children in a variety of sports. As independent coaches, they will be able to plan sports programs that will help children improve their coordination and continue to engage in sports that they enjoy well into adulthood. Bridging the gap between the experience of football or rugby coaching, for example, gives an overall look at the skills needed to provide a range of movement.

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