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Keep children and families active this summer

Getting children active and keeping them that way is a huge part of the holidays for parents. As summer holidays roll on, what might be a well-earned break for the kids, is just the beginning of planning for parents. That’s where First Step PE comes in. We are on hand to give you some ideas to encourage parents and kids to dump the devices and get active.


Jazz up your neighbourhood walkabout

Help kids get to know their local areas with a jog, bike ride or even some time practising their balance on rollerblades. Mix and match the activities and get the whole family involved. Hiking the trails in the local parks with apps like Sustrans, can be a great way to find something that suits every families taste. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a penny.

With all the missed time at school, it’s likely the kids are really in need of some kid time. Encourage parents to organise outdoor picnics or trips to the local beach with a few friends and their families. If they can’t get out abroad, the UK has many local beauties such as Whitby and Southend. While the kids are running about, parents can enjoy having a chat in the sun. Make sure they have plenty of water for those sunny days and SPF 15 sunblock or more is a must. It’s important for all families to know that it’s essential to re-apply after any time spent in the water.

Trips out are also a great opportunity to make sure kids have got active toys. Ditch the electronics for football, frisbees and scooters this summer.


Staying in? Here are a few ideas to get them started

If they’re staying in with the kids, help them avoid the temptation of the TV with an at-home obstacle course or fort. They can use everyday household items such as brooms, sofa cushions and any toys you have lying around to create rules about how kids interact with them. Pull the old sheets and blankets for fort-making materials. Over, under or rollover, it’s up to them.

Get the kids involved in chores with some time spent in the garden. Get them raking with a few games of Eye Spy or employ Stick in the Mud to get them picking up rubbish. Best of all, they’ll be helping around the house. Remember, kids who help out with making lunch for example are also more likely to eat their handy work. Make moving around the kitchen an opportunity to get them on their feet and learning new skills.

Why not try some more traditional games too? Simon Says, Red Light/Green Light and Hide & Seek are all great options compared to sitting in front of the TV. With lots of time in front of the computer this last year, let’s make this summer one where families are out and about enjoying the weather.

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