Learn to cycle confidently with First Step Cycle’s Bikeability Summer Camp

Bikeability Cycling Summer Camp is the best place to learn practical cycling skills that can last a lifetime. Not only is cycling environmentally friendly and a great way to enhance fitness during the holidays, but First Step Cycle is also committed to a well-rounded experience. Providing a standard of training that develops a respect for their local area and the capacity to use roads in a cooperative, but enjoyable way.

This summer, we’ll be holding the First Step Cycle Bikeability Summer Camp this August at Bottesford and Yaddlesthorpe Village Hall from the 2nd to the 8th of August. The camp is open to 9–13-year-olds and will be covering all the essentials of Bikeability Levels 1 and 2, the nationwide standard for cycling proficiency.

For Level 1, participants will work towards the mastery of basic cycling skills in a safe, enclosed area. Learning in groups of 3 to 12, the session will cover, getting on and off bikes without aid, slowing and stopping using their brakes and understanding how to confidently share the road with other users.

The next level will test and expand those skills on the roads. It’s essential that participants have real cycling experience on roads if they are to understand traffic flows and how to navigate daily hazards, such as parked cars and signalling. Instruction includes recognisable short journeys, such as to their local shops and to and from school. Level 2 is designed to give children a little more independence, with groups of 6 trainees to 1 instructor.

Please note that Level 2 can only be attempted when Level 1 is completed or with evidence that the participant can confidently complete Level 1 skills.

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