Maths on the Move

Maths on the Move: Keep your numeracy and PE targets in your sights

  • Improve your children’s Maths performance in a physically active learning programme.
  • Enhance children’s confidence and attainment in Maths.
  • Increase physical activity levels within curriculum time by offering a new way of learning.


Maths has been one of the hardest-hit subjects over the past year. It’s estimated that restrictions have put pupils as much as 3 months behind in their learning, and less than 50% of children met their daily guidelines for their activity level. To get your school back on target, you need a creative solution that combines physical activity and maths skills. With the best of both worlds, you can make the most of every school day.


So where does Maths on the Move come in?

The program uses maths to direct a variety of games and activities that follow national curriculum outcomes. Designed by teachers to align with Key Stage 1 and 2 outcomes, progress is trackable through an online platform, that serves as evidence for your Pupil’s Premium spend.

Research by Leeds Beckett University found that children who took part in the program reported an 80% increased confidence in maths, and more than 90% demonstrated a marked improvement in maths performance. Based on sustained levels of activity, nearly 30% more students met the national guidelines than before.


How does it work?

Each lesson has a topic heading based on the maths curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2. Students start with 5 questions at the start of the lesson to test their current level. They are then engaged with activities that allow them to test the methodology they’re learning. Their progress is then checked with five additional questions that check their progress at the end of the lesson.

There are 36 weeks of objectives for each group across years 1 to 6 with adaptations available for a variety of students. For advanced students, the program can extend and challenge them, and for students requiring intervention, the program creates easily accessible goals to improve their skills.

For students to transition to Key Stage 3, Maths on the Move can provide a comfortable landing. With an array of familiar Maths topics, they can quickly begin making new friends and shake off the rust after the summer holidays.

To find out more and book this program for your school, contact First Step PE.

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