Pick & Mix

‘Pick & Mix’ your perfect School PE plan for 2021/2022

Multiple targets across your school makes flexibility your top concern when planning for next year. First Step PE’s ‘pick & mix’ package is designed to provide you with that flexibility. Whether your focus is on staff proficiency in PE or broadening your pupils’ range of sports and activities. First Steps PE has your school covered.


How does it work?

Choose the type of participation based on what you’ll be focussing on for the coming year. We have four areas to choose from: Participation, Enrichment, Health & Wellbeing & CPD. These areas cover a wide range of goals. From building resilience to increasing participation to raise your schools’ overall fitness level, there is an activity base to suit your schools’ needs.

Add-Ons create another level of adaptation for your school environment. You can support and encourage a level of active play, offer pupil leadership roles, increase participation in competitive sport and teach the value of living a healthy lifestyle. Choose from a range of Holiday clubs, enrichment and extracurriculars designed to engage and motivate.

Now choose your preferred days and times to have your sessions.

With the ‘pick & mix’ package you can opt for full or half days in the mornings or afternoons. With every full day booking, we offer a complimentary extracurricular club of your choice.


And the planning? We’ve got you covered

Schedule your mapping meeting with our PE Manager, who will work with you to design a curriculum that will give you the peace of mind to enjoy a stress-free summer. We will collate the resources required to deliver a quality PE experience and be on-hand to support you end-to-end.

Your stress-free summer is just a click away. Book with our team today!

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