A Step Forward – Kids Takeover Goes Paperless and Cashless

Kids Takeover is changing – we’re taking a big step into the future, and going completely paperless and cashless for 2020.

It’s part of a wider drive towards sustainability, that will also help us to streamline the admin and simplify bookings for the benefit of everyone.

At the same time, we’re introducing some new special offers, discounts and flexible payment options, designed to make our camps better value than ever before. 

What’s happening and what does it mean

We’re going fully cashless and paperless at our Kids Takeover camps.

That means no more paperwork to fill out on arrival, and no more cash on the day. All bookings, essential information and payments will be taken electronically, beforehand, via our dedicated online platform – Click here. 

The changes are being introduced from February 2020. Until then, you will still be able to pay on the day.

New Flexible Pricing – Annual Memberships and Sibling Discounts

As part of the changes, we’re also going to be introducing a flexible new pricing structure, designed to offer real value for money for our regular customers.

The new packages will include an annual membership scheme, pay monthly packages and sibling discounts – which will make our camps better value than ever before.

We’ll be announcing full details about the new schemes ahead of the launch, and will keep you updated.

Why are we changing?

There are several reasons behind the changes:

Going paperless

The primary reason behind losing the paperwork is environmental. We’re conscious of our environmental impact at Kids Takeover, and are taking big steps to eliminate paper across the First Step group. 

The second is administrative. Handling lots of paper on the day is just too inefficient, and it doubles up on admin for our team. When we get back to the office, all the information needs to be transferred onto our electronic system. Eliminating it cuts down on admin time, and reduces the risks of errors in the system.

Having everything on a single electronic system makes everything easier, safer and more organised. For our team, it provides a single platform for bookings and our essential safeguarding information. It reduces confusion, and means that parents don’t have to mess around with paperwork when they drop off in the morning. 

Going cashless

There are several reasons behind the move to electronic payments. The first is practical – it’s safer, more organised and easier to track. It means that our Kids Takeover team doesn’t have to worry about carrying cash around. It also means that our admin team doesn’t have to manage and store cash safely in the business.

The second reason is financial. Currently, the pay on the day can leave us out of pocket. Often, parents forget to bring cash on the day. Sometimes, we end up with thousands of pounds outstanding at the end of the week. Moving things online eliminates that issue and improves cash flow.

Kids Takeover for October 2019

Looking for an engaging, fun and inclusive activity camp to keep your children occupied during October half term? Kids Takeover is running camps in Hull, Beverley and Kirk Ella.

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