Investing in PE Enrichment for Primary Schools

It’s been a busy summer of training at First Step PE – we’ve been investing heavily in team training ahead of the new school year, with a particular focus on our PE Enrichment programme for primary schools. 

Every member of the team has gone through extensive external training from expert coaches and providers, including British Fencing!

With the new term now underway, we’re working with schools across Yorkshire and the Humber region – providing alternative sports and innovative activities designed to encourage primary school children to engage with physical activity.

PE Enrichment from First Step

Our PE Enrichment programme provides young people with the chance to take part in a range of exciting, contemporary physical activities they probably won’t have tried before.

Designed to boost enjoyment and engagement (especially amongst pupils who don’t engage with the current offering), it’s the perfect way for primary schools to build foundations for healthy, active lives.

The programme includes a wide range of activities tailored for every age group, including archery, fencing, yoga. 

Combining learning with PE with Aball1

As part of our enrichment programme, we also offer Aball1, an innovative Norwegian ball game that combines numeracy, literacy and social skills. 

A great way of enriching Maths and English lessons, Aball1 includes a range of inclusive games, tasks and activities, giving children the opportunity to experience the strong social community found in team sports.

It’s suitable for primary school children of all ages and abilities, and is particularly good for those who don’t engage with traditional PE – providing the chance to get involved, make progress and gain a real sense of achievement.

Story Based PE for KS1

Our story-based PE lessons are the ideal alternative to traditional PE for KS1 children. 

Designed specifically for younger children, it uses rhyming stories, pictures and music as the basis for active, fun lessons. The programme follows two characters, Pippa and Eddie, on their many themed adventures.

Great for reinforcing physical development and national curriculum objectives, it’s packed with exciting, interactive physical activities specifically designed to develop co-ordination, control and fundamental movement.

Flexible delivery and funding

At First Step, we deliver the complete PE enrichment package, including expert coaching and equipment, in programmes tailored to your school. Primary schools can choose from a selection of alternative sports and physical activities, run in half-day mornings and full days over six week blocks.

Programmes are suitable for funding from core PE budgets, the PE & School Sports Premium and the Pupil Premium – providing a unique, engaging offering to enhance PE delivery across your school.

Primary School PE Delivery from First Step 

At First Step PE, we support primary schools across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, with the creation, preparation, training and delivery of high quality, structured PE in line with the national curriculum.

In addition, we also deliver a wide range of extra-curricular school sports and activity programmes designed to enrich your activity offering. 

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